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Recommend [Horror Reasoning] Death Poisonous Corps (7th Dec 22 at 2:04am UTC)
Rhubarb was very clever to shake his head and tail, turned around and caught up with Xia Buer. After the slingshot boy came out, a group of people had to continue to walk in the moonlight. The hot pot could not be eaten, so they could only eat while walking with cold cans, but the people responsible for the cushion were extra careful. Secretary Zhou! You come to the front and lead the way. Let's go to the training camp first. Xia Buer waved without looking back. Secretary Zhou immediately ran up with a flashlight. He was very familiar with the nature of his home. Even if it was covered by black sand, he could see it. But after half an hour, he gasped: "Have you seen the mountain ahead? At the foot of the mountain is the militia training camp!" "The mountain is almost buried, and we can't get a gun." The slingshot boy came up and looked ahead. There was only a small hill left in front of the so-called mountain. If it weren't for the bright moonlight, he really couldn't see it. But Secretary Zhou said: "That mountain has long been hollowed out. It's an ammunition depot during the war. When the training camp was set up, the armory was moved in. The entrance is on the mountainside!" "Let's go and see." Xia Buer waved his hand and ran up to the big sand dune next to him. He followed their footprints all the way back with a flashlight. After making sure that nothing was following him, he turned around and caught up with the slow team. But as the saying goes,outdoor whirlpool tub, "Look at the mountain and run a dead horse." This time they walked for more than forty minutes and finally went around to the back of the hill. I go! This digs a shit. The slingshot boy stopped angrily. The sand on the back of the hill was higher than the front. Even if the entrance was on the mountainside, it would be enough for them to dig for ten days and a half months. But Secretary Zhou grabbed his head and said, "There are a lot of factories behind here. If only we could get an excavator out!" "Forget it!"! Find a place to sleep first, and wait until dawn. Xia Buer had no choice but to walk back, but there were no tall buildings in this area. The only thing exposed outside the sand was the big chimney. It was strange to see a huge billboard occasionally. But Nie Ergou suddenly fell to the ground with a "splash". He got up and said gloomily,garden jacuzzi tub, "There is a big stone below!" "Where did this stone come from in the sand? You won't step on the house." They all walked over curiously with flashlights. When they pushed aside the sand, a round white object was exposed. After knocking, it was still hollow inside. The slingshot boy immediately pulled out the corpse claw dagger and cut a hole. Who knew it was full of wires and fireproof cotton. What kind of machine is this, how can it be placed so high. The slingshot boy crouched on the ground, full of wonder. They were at a height of more than 20 stories, but Zhang Kuifa was pleasantly surprised and said, "This is not a machine, this is a plane. Look at the keel inside. Only a plane is like this!" "Dig again." Xia Buer immediately squatted down and began to pull the sand, hot tub wholesale ,jacuzzi bath spa, the crowd also dug up, but soon they dug a piece of glass with a radian, after the flashlight shone in, it was the cockpit of a plane, the crowd immediately looked at each other in shock, it was a very large passenger plane. How did this plane appear here? It shouldn't have been here for a long time. The slingshot boy straightened up and looked at Xia Buer, but Secretary Zhou said, "We have measured the speed of the accumulation of black sand, which will increase by about 15 centimeters a day on average. This plane is at most six meters high except for the landing gear. In addition to the sand washed up when it was forced to land, it will not stay here for more than 20 days!" "Yes!"! Your secretary really didn't work for nothing. He used to be a top student. The slingshot boy was very impressed and punched him. He rubbed his hands and prepared to go into the plane to have a look. Xia Buer also smashed the windshield with the spear of the corpse claw. The plane was lying in the sand dunes with its head inclined, but the angle of inclination was not too big. After they jumped into the cockpit one after another, they found that it was almost like standing on a small slope.
Keep your voice down! Get the grenade ready first. Xia Buer leaned against the cabin door and gently pressed the door handle. The slingshot boy immediately took out his grenade and held his breath. However, after Xia Buer suddenly pushed open the cabin door, there was not even a ghost in the empty cabin. Only a string of oxygen masks were hanging above the seat. They should have fallen by themselves during the forced landing. Who drove here and why did you make a forced landing in such a place. Slingshot boy looked at Xia Buer suspiciously. Xia Buer shook his head and went in carefully. Out of the door was a luxurious first-class seat. There were many beverage cans and beer bottles thrown on the ground. The ordinary seats behind him were almost the same. A lot of wine bottles and food packaging bags were thrown in a mess, just like a party. My God! Seems to have sat a lot of people. "" Slingshot looked around with a flashlight, but the tail of the plane was broken and blocked by a lot of black sand. But there was nothing on the luggage rack, and not a single piece of luggage was left. When they reached the end, Slingshot asked again, "Is this the only floor of the plane? Is there a sleeper below?" "Yes!"! But that's a big plane, like an Airbus A380, and there's a cargo hold under it.. Xia Buer squatted down and looked around with a flashlight. Except for a few pairs of smelly shoes, he still didn't find anything of value. He had to walk back to the front of the first-class cabin. But the slingshot boy, like a curious baby, picked up a pair of slippers and asked, "Can I wear slippers on the plane? Is it something to eat casually?" "You'd better ask Ergouzi this kind of question. Although I've taken many planes, it's a pity that they don't cost money, because none of them can fly,hot tub manufacturers, and the stewardesses are all dead.." Xia Buer shrugged his shoulders and then walked into the stewardess's workshop. After lifting the printed carpet on the floor, he immediately saw a square cover. He immediately bent down and lifted the cover. Below was the cargo hold of the plane, but what was inside surprised them. Damn it! Heavy machine gun.. 。 monalisa.com
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